Investment Criteria

Financial Criteria

  • Revenue > $7.5 million
  • EBITDA > $1.0 million
  • EBITDA Margin > 10%
  • Top customer < 20% of revenue
  • Investment horizon 5 to 10 years


  • Primary focus within chemical, packaging, manufacturing, and distribution
  • Secondary consideration within business, healthcare, education services
  • Strong industry fundamentals with minimal disruption risk
  • Strong secular trends for product or service offering


  • Primary operations headquartered in the Eastern half of United States


  • Seek to be the first institutional capital
  • Predictable and defensive cash flows
  • Some level of recurring revenue
  • Easy to understand business models
  • Diversified customer base and product offering
  • Asset light businesses with low maintenance CAPEX requirements


  • Exit / Succession Planning

We understand most business owners inevitably wish to transition out of their company to pursue other interests. We are flexible in helping an ownership group achieve their goals and objectives and ensure the company maintains its culture and business continuity under a new owner.

  • Management Buyouts

We partner with management teams that need capital to buyout ownership groups of privately held businesses.

  • Corporate Divestiture

We invest when larger public or private parent corporations sell off non-core business units that have proven operators.

  • Recapitalization

We invest when business owners desire to sell a majority ownership of their company but wish to retain a meaningful ownership interest and continue leading the organization.