Guiding Principles


Focus on What We Know

We have over a decade of experience investing in lower middle market family owned businesses across a variety of industries. We target companies with an identifiable niche that includes a value-add service or product offering that sets it apart from the competition.

We are under the belief that most businesses can be grown successfully regardless of the industry if you have the right people in the right seats driving the strategy.


Patient Capital

Our core investor group is family office capital that can provide tremendous flexibility as a financial partner with no predetermined investment horizon. We take a long-term investment approach focusing on secular trends vs. short-term quarter-to-quarter results.


Be a Trusted Partner

We strive to act with the utmost integrity, be a reliable and energetic partner, and be excellent communicators to help our management teams grow their business in a systematic and collaborative manner.


Strong Support System

We seek to back strong managers and act in a support capacity to help guide companies through their next phase of growth. Using operating advisors and our prior investment experience is a key component of enhancing value within our portfolio companies.


Organic Growth 

We focus on organic growth and helping management teams execute on readily available growth initiatives that have been identified but not pursued historically. This is both from a top line perspective and through operational improvements. Also, we opportunistically pursue add-on acquisitions that create synergies, diversification, and scale.


Conservative and Flexible Capital Structures

We are conservative with our capital structures and the use of leverage to ensure that portfolio companies are able to meet their debt service requirements, while also having access to the funds necessary to support growth initiatives.